The innovation is the distinctive feature of the corporate identity of SOFCsyngas, which proposes to implement advanced gasification plants for the production of synthetic gas (syngas) from wastes through the use of the patented Gasplasma® process.

SOFCsyngas identified Trentino and the municipality of Mori (TN), in particular, as areas of strategic interest for the introduction in Italy of the innovative Gasplasma® technology: once the recyclable material is separated, the system – without using any incineration techniques – converts waste into reusable inert material suitable for construction and, for the most part, in Syngas. The latter is a mixture of elementary gases with high percentage of hydrogen, comparable to the methane and suitable for the generation of electricity through high efficiency systems such as fuel cells.


SOFCsyngas is the result of joint efforts:

  • LGE (Leveraged Green Energy): an American venture capital fund;
  • SOLIDpower: An Italian-Swiss company based in Mezzolombardo (TN), active in the production of technological systems with solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC).

SOFCsyngas Srl
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